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Based on cutting-edge architecture, the SSD Memory One Interlagos GT series provides performances at unprecedented levels at the same time it is a viable solution for non-familiarized new users who want to update their systems with the new SSD technology. Using the newest technology of the SandForce controllers, interlagos GT series does not offer only a faster system with smaller response times but also better refrigeration, lower background noise and better electrical efficiency when compared to the traditional mechanical HDs.

Reading speed: up to 285 MB/s

Writing speed: up to 275 MB/s

Continuous writing: up to 250 MB/s

Random reading 4KB (aligned): 10.000 IOPS

Available as 60, 120, 180 and 240 GB

1 Year Warranty

Solid State Drives

"We also did for this same machine a direct comparison with an SSD from ADATA, having 128GB with Indilinx controller, which is a great representative of the first generation high performance SSD, and as the tests showed, the evolution between them is considerable, the Interlagos GT offering an average advantage of 54% in relation to the old SSD. " - ForumPCS

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