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Founded in 1995, MEMORY ONE is a brand in the sector of DRAM and FLASH memory based in the United States. Headquartered in Miami, FL, with production centers in Taiwan and China, a leader since 2008, Memory One began to establish partnerships for memories with top quality grade A components such as BrainPower, Micron, Hynix, Elpida among others, all approved, tested and supervised from start to finish to maintain the stictest standards of quality control. The partnership of Memory One with several technological giants of the sector guarantees the international quality standard for all Memory One products.

Through distribution agreements with the most renowned distribution companies in the industry, Memory One offers a the best product focusing on quality and knowledge of the local market requirements. Acting collectively with its commercial partners, we can better position the brand in the DRAM and FLASH memory market. This channel allows us to remain close to the resale and retail markets, listening to their needs and thus promoting campaigns for the positioning of the brand through customized strategies. We understand that each client has its own way of promoting the product and peculiarities that have to be approached jointly with our account managers, whose objective is to help our clients to maximize their business, making the commercialization of DRAM and FLASH products easier and more profitable.

Memory One counts on the expertise of more than fifteen years in the sector which also allows us to develop OEM/ODM Private Label specific solutions, designing products with technical quality and performance in an outsource regimen for our clients who wish to promote their own brand.

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